The SEQUETUS SERIES book characters are from real life.

Fiction writing is born from experience.

This site is an insight into the author and the mind behind the books.

And here is a tip for life: If you want to succeed, help others. If you want to deny yourself that success, concentrate only on helping yourself at other’s expense. Additionally, to pick the right life path, don’t try to emulate the success of otherwise miserable people. Their success is just a lure. Avoid it. Be who you want to be.


Nick has been teaching students from all over this side of the planet literacy skills for decades. Literacy is the key for handling corruption, violence and poverty. Nick had a literacy program and introduced it to many schools in different countries. The program was different. It goes to the basics of literacy, teaching that words have significant meanings.


Sometimes there is a risk. Nick has volunteered in two civil war zones. He was protected by both sides because what he was teaching, helped all. While he was in high risk regions he was seldom at risk.


Nick was often with leaders and dignitaries of different cultures. All the time while Nick helped, he learned. He always found that helping had a return, always. It is possible the giver is helped more than the receiver.

All people who worked on the Sequetus Project were already known for their volunteer skills. Below are some of the regions and dates where Nick volunteered.


Cambodia 2018.

Tokyo 1998

Germany 1998

Laos 2018

Nepal 2004

Nepal 2004

India 1999

Taiwan 2003

Laos 2018

Japan 1997

Japan 1995

Aceh 2006

Hokkaido 1999

Bangladesh 2003

Vietnam 2018


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